"I can't say enough positive things about Hornbaker Training.  At the time our Bulldog Emma was 5 months old.  We were frustrated and at wits end with her behavior.  She was displaying behaviors of dominance, nipping and not obeying commands. I was frantically researching for local training programs and numerous neighbors mentioned Hornbaker training.  I reached out to Stacie in tears not knowing what to do.  She took the time to talk with me over the phone answering any questions I had (which were many) and we immediately set up a time for Stacie to come to our home to evaluate Emma.  First, I have to say Stacie is "A True Dog Whisperer".  Stacie's knowledge and the way in which she works with animals is truly amazing. She not only demonstrated training techniques with Emma, but she gave our family the "tools" we needed to train Emma.  After seeing Emma's behavior with Stacie after just one afternoon, I immediately signed up for additional training classes.  Emma is now a more obedient bulldog.  She still has her occasional bully stubbornness, but we now have the tools to continue to work with her and we all are a much happier family." 

"I highly recommend Hornbaker training." 

Jessica Barna

"Stacie is the absolute best! She trained my border collie from the time she was a puppy. She provided a personalized training plan and got the whole family to participate. She's funny, thorough, and great to work with. I learn so much every time we have a session. It's amazing how fast our dog learns when she is with Stacie. She's truly a dog whisperer."

Sarah VanderWilt


"I recommend Hornbaker Dog Training to all of my friends with new puppies. When we adopted Gracie, we realized that even though my husband and I grew up with dogs, we had never been responsible for training a puppy.  From the first conversation with Stacie, to our in-home consultation, followed by two sessions of puppy training, we have a wonderful new family member!  Stacie and Allison helped us understand that Gracie is a smart dog, with a calm demeanor, who enjoys mental challenges, and loves to socialize with other dogs.  Gracie is no longer a puppy, but she is everything we dreamed of having in a family dog!"

Stacey Philips

"Sonic, our Yellow Lab, came to us right at 2 months old and is approaching 3.5 years old now.  He grew so quickly and looked full grown while still in full puppy mode.  He had some deal breaker behaviors for us: jumping on (and knocking over) our 7 and 4 year old sons as well as jumping on all visitors, barking incessantly when he wanted anything, needing visitors full attention at all times, pulling like crazy on the leash, and chewing on table legs.  Sonic went to Hornbaker dog training at 10 months old, he came back a different dog!  I don't believe he has jumped on anyone since being at Hornbaker, and his barking is limited to when he's ready to get out of his kennel, and he hasn't chewed any furniture, though I can't say the same thing for any cardboard he finds..!  He also came back knowing how to walk on his leash and to stay in place, but his humans didn't give him enough practice with these items.  2 years later Sonic had developed some new bad habits so we sent him for a refresher course, the goals being to keep him off of our deck table, and get him walking on the leash again, and calm enough to take to our families youth sports events.  He does great on the leash now, even around tons of kids, and doesn't bark at all, even with other dogs around."

"We have referred Hornbaker Training to at least 5 families that have sent their dogs there, and recommend them to many others - anyone who ever mentions negative behavior from their dogs!  Stacie is so great with the dogs and the follow up after training, bringing your dog home to you and giving you some training tools and responding to questions through text and email is so beneficial!  We highly recommend Hornbaker Training for any family!"

Sarah Jones

"I contacted Hornbaker Dog Training to help my 7 month old German Shepherd puppy overcome her fear of going up and down stairs. Stacie came to my home for a private training session and the results were simply remarkable; within just 10 minutes, she had my puppy traversing up and down the stairs. It was evident to me that Stacie was an effective and highly skilled dog trainer. She was calm and gentle with my puppy but exhibited a good command of the training session at all times. I continue to use her services and would highly recommend Hornbaker Dog Training to anyone looking for a well mannered dog!"

Janet Fisher


 "Stanley was a typical puppy - nippy, jumpy and needed dog socialization and interaction.  He didn't come to us when we called for him.  He was defiant and challenged our authority.  He pushed the limits of our patience. Because of the training we received as well as Stanley, he comes to us when we call him.  He is more calm, content and very lovable.  He stays put when asked and minds us when he starts to do something he is not supposed to -  like stealing socks! Absolutely we have recommended Hornbaker! Stanley is two years old now - part Boxer, American Bull and showing behaviors of a German Short-haired Pointer.  We started his training when he was about 6 months old.  He goes to day care every day and is continually challenged mentally and physically.  He has been trained to read other dogs' behavior and personalities - which is vital.  Hornbaker Dog Training has been life changing for ALL of us."

Betsy Bragg

"Thirty three years of having dogs and a few trainers along the way, we were thrilled to find Hornbaker Dog Training.  Lily, our nine month old golden retriever, had been to puppy classes and a trainer but we needed some more help.  Lily is a super happy and loving girl but had a tendency to go over the top quickly and was extremely headstrong.  Stacie and Allison helped us find the techniques that worked for her.  She would pull through any collar and after testing several methods Stacy recommended the gentle leader.  With practice, walks became fun and relaxing for both Lily and myself.    That tool helped get her in a better place and she eventually learned to walk without it.  Another goal of ours was to be able to take her off leash.  Once again with their help and lots of practice she mastered that.  We all love her off leash time, mostly Lily as she smiles from ear to ear.  A year and a half later Lily loves going to “Camp Allison” to play with her buddies. It’s her favorite day of the week.  We highly recommend Hornbaker Dog Training."

Judi and Bill McAlister

"Keddie was over a year old when my daughter brought him to live on my farm while she served in the Peace Corps, and he had some commands down, but didn’t come when called, didn’t know how to behave well on the leash, and didn’t have a clue how to behave around horses. Thanks to Stacie, Keddie quickly became a trusty off leash dog, loves and is loved by our horses, and comes when called."

Lori Huffman


"Sadie Jane- formerly Mikayla- Chow mix.
Adopted at 5 months, trained at 1.5 years old.
1. Before training, Sadie was very protective of our house. She would lunge at strangers on the street and show her teeth when I guests over. She would lunge/bark at dogs on walks. She was anxious and unsure of herself. She pulled me down the street and was RUNNING THE HOUSE. She ran away a few times hiking and would not come when called.
2. Now, Sadie is confident and trusts me to keep her safe. She sits in place when we have visitors or repair/delivery people in the house. This training taught me as much, if not more, than her. The board and train was an invaluable tool and we could never have made the progress we did without you all. She appears happier and more confident. Our walks are now something we BOTH look forward to. She uses an e-collar when hiking and could NOT be happier to be allowed off leash. Stacie and Allison are so helpful at troubleshooting continued behavior needs (and wish we lived closer and could participate more!)
3. I refer literally everyone I meet with a dog, or THINKING about getting a dog to Hornbaker. Without your training, I'm not sure where we would be. My relationship with Sadie has improved dramatically since coming to you all. She is so much happier being a dog- and not feeling like she has to be in charge. I can't thank you all enough for everything you've done for our family, but also everyone you work with. Your knowledge of dogs and their needs/wants and how to get "impossible" dogs to a happy place is remarkable."

Erika Davis

"My husband and I lead busy lives with full time jobs and a growing family. When we brought Sierra (our lab-mix) puppy home, we quickly realized we needed professional help to train her.  She has a LOT of energy, and Stacie and her team at Hornbaker Dog Training knew just what to do to make sure she is well behaved and calm at home.  The training Sierra received at Hornbaker was a game changer for Sierra and our family.

Stacey Hutchinson

"We benefited from Hornbaker training for all three of our dogs. They took a rambunctious rescue labradoodle and turned him into a perfect gentleman on leash and off. They also helped our small breed dog learn that we tinkle outside!  They use positive methods and they get great results. They work with the entire family to make sure the results last. I highly recommend them."

Amy Moreno


"Stella, Lab-Terrier mix:
Prior to training, Stella knew simple commands (e.g., sit, come, lay down, stay), but was extremely defensive around other dogs and often lashed out even when seeing dogs at long distances. Following training with Hornbaker Dog Training, Stella improved to the point to be off-leash with other dogs at the training facility without issue. My husband and I are also much more confident in knowing how to handle Stella around other dogs. Our walks/jogs with Stella are much more enjoyable now!"


"We adopted Vinny, at age 1 ½ from the Fairfax County Shelter.   We were his 4th home, so we reviewed his entire history -- he is a mixed breed Staffordshire Terrier.  The 1stsurrender was due to his owner’s financial issues, the next 2 surrenders were due to his ‘mouthiness’ and playfulness with the youngest of the children in both of the families.  He was described as being good with the older children, but too ‘playful’ with smaller children.  As we no longer had any children in the home, we brought him home."


"Our main issues with Vinny were excessive pulling on the leash, and jumping on people as a means of greeting.  He only knew 2 commands:  sit and shake.  He had no concept of stay or place. Vinny is very strong and it was exhausting to take him for walks – he pulls where he wants to go and wants to greet every person/dog he meets."  

"We had heard of Hornbaker Training from 2 of our daughter’s personal friends as well as 3 of her coworkers.  All claimed that it was ‘like a different dog’ following the training, and, that it made quite a difference in their home life with the dog. We met with Staci and Allison, discussed our issues and our desired outcome.  They gave us some starters and helpful advice until we could schedule mutually convenient training."

"We then left Vinny with Hornbaker for about 1 week.  What a difference!!  We can now walk Vinny with a loose leash.  Vinny understands ‘place’; he retreats to his pad when we eating or whenever we say ‘place’.  He is still excited to greet people, but he no longer jumps on them.  Most of all , when he engages in undesirable behavior (i.e. chewing on a something he finds on the floor, possessive behavior of an article he picks up), he understands the “NO!” and “DROP IT” commands." 

"Vinny now attends Hornbaker daycare 3 times/week when my husband and I are at work.  The daycare is great for Vinny’s socialization with other dogs, as well as providing him playtime and exercise. Furthermore, we know we can board Vinny with Hornbaker when needed – and we can be assured that his training will be reinforced, and not contradicted."  

"We have had Vinny now for 3 years  He is affectionate, happy, and well loved.   Hornbaker has made it possible for Vinny to have a permanent, loving home following a rough, confusing start.  So far, we have recommended Hornbaker to 4 of our friends, and all were very pleased with the results.  We will continue to recommend Hornbaker, and if we should be lucky enough to adopt another dog in the future, we will immediately enlist the services of Hornbaker Dog Training!"


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