For puppies 8-20 weeks

A new puppy, lucky you!!!  Training begins the moment your puppy leaves its mother and becomes a member of your family. The first weeks are vital to setting your puppy on the path to becoming the perfect dog for you. This can and should be a positive experience for everyone involved. Puppies need to learn what you want them to do, and what you don’t want them to do. You need to provide structure and boundaries to help them be successful and confident, this eliminates many bad behaviors before they begin. You will NOT have a trained dog after attending a puppy class… will learn how to work with your puppy while your puppy learns how to work with you and navigate the world around them.

                       Private Sessions                                 

Private puppy sessions are tailored specifically to your puppy and family goals.  Sessions generally last about an hour.  This is great for the new dog owner who has many questions and/or busy families who want everyone involved.

        Puppy Socialization              

Early socialization is very important for all puppies.  Experiences should always be short, positive and help your puppy build confidence.  


o   Opportunity to expose your puppy to a variety of balanced dogs of varying ages and sizes

o   Learn about your puppy’s body language in relationship to other dogs

o   Discuss proper exposure to other dogs, people and new experiences

o   Answer any questions you have

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