Dog training is not one size fits all.  We highly encourage families interested in our services to contact us to discuss training options.  This will help us tailor a program to fit your dog’s learning style as well as your family’s goals.  We offer a variety of private sessions, day training and board and train options.

Our most popular programs are listed below.


Freedom- On/Off Leash                                                                                 Cost: $1,050

  • 6 weekly training sessions in your home 

  • Step-by-step training program catered to your dog’s needs

  • All tools included (includes a remote collar)

  •  Email, phone and text support 

  •  Unlimited Drop-in Classes

Do you like taking your dog hiking, to local breweries/wineries?  Are you a family who often has people coming in and out and you want a dog that comes no matter what?  Then our Freedom program is right for you. 

In this program we focus on AND off leash control.  We teach only the commands that are important to you and address any behavior issues.  Training is done in your home.  Once private sessions are complete you have access to our group classes to work around distractions and cement your training goals.   This program includes an electronic training collar.

Family Manners                                                                                             Cost: $625

  • 5 weekly training sessions in your home

  • Step-by-step training program catered to your dog’s needs

  • Training tool included

  • Email, phone and text support

This program is designed for owners who are ready to start formal training with their fully vaccinated dog 4 months of age and older.  All commands will be initially taught using food as a reward, once the behavior is known and understood, we will move away from food and use leash pressure when needed.  Behaviors covered: sit, down, place, drop it, leave it, loose leash walking and coming when called. This program is for on-leash obedience only.

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