Stacie has always been surrounded by animals. She grew up on a farm, learning about animal behavior in the course of caring for the stock.

Her first dog was Brodie, a miniature long-haired dachshund, who was joined by Stella, a Border Collie, and Myrtle, a mixed breed. It was the addition of Myrtle that pushed Stacie into the world of dog training and behavior. Myrtle was found as an adolescent puppy in a dumpster in West Virginia. She is a smart, athletic girl, with big emotions and strong opinions.

Stacie began with an online training certification course, which opened the door to many other training opportunities. She then went on to travel to Utah to train under Heather Beck, to Florida to learn from Caesar Milan, Martin Deeley, Pat Trichter, Jeff Gellman and Sean O’Shea, to New York to work with Tyler Muto and Blake Rodriquez. She continues to study, learn and improve her craft, always striving to be able to offer the best training services possible to her clients.

Teaching owners about their dog’s behavior and body language through the use of carefully managed and orchestrated socialization experiences is her passion.



Allison began training dogs in the 70’s when she took the family pet to a manners class. When she became the proud owner of her very first dog at the age of 10, a Shetland Sheepdog named Bonny, she began training for and competing in obedience trials. She went on to add another Shetland Sheepdog and two border collies to her pack, doing varying degrees of obedience training with them through college and early adulthood. While raising four wonderful sons, her active family had the privilege of owning several dogs who were simply great family pets.

Currently, with all of her children grown, Allison has rekindled her love of training. She dabbles in canine fitness, agility and trick training with Emma, a mixed breed, Vera, a Border Collie/Collie cross, and Myra, a miniature Australian Shepherd. She enjoys taking classes on line, participating in group classes, traveling to seminars to work with different instructors and competing in local agility trials. Dog training is definitely her passion!

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